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Year: 1997
Description: A pair of teenage girls, who are blind by day, but when the sun goes down, they roam the streets to quench their thirst for blood.
Imdb: 5.3
Category: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Director & Actors: Jean Rollin, Alexandra Pic, Isabelle Teboul, Bernard Charnacé
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Title: Orphan
Year: 2009
Description: A husband and wife who recently lost their baby adopt a 9-year-old girl who is not nearly as innocent as she claims to be.
Imdb: 7.0
Category: Mystery, Thriller
Director & Actors: Jaume Collet-Serra, Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman
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Year: 2011
Description: The Orphan Killer is a tour de force murder flick that defies classification. It goes far beyond current...
Imdb: 3.8
Category: Horror
Director & Actors: Matt Farnsworth, Diane Foster, David Backus, Matt Farnsworth
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Year: 1979
Description: In 1854, there were living on the streets of New York City over 10,000 abandoned orphaned children. Out of this desperate situation was born the orphan Train. This is a fictionalized account, based on actual events.
Imdb: 7.3
Category: Adventure, Drama
Director & Actors: William A. Graham, Jill Eikenberry, Kevin Dobson, Linda Manz
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Title: Vampires
Year: 1998
Description: A vengeful vampire slayer must retrieve an ancient Catholic relic that, should it be acquired by vampires, will allow them to endure sunlight.
Imdb: 6.1
Category: Action, Horror, Thriller
Director & Actors: John Carpenter, James Woods, Daniel Baldwin, Sheryl Lee
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Year: 2010
Description: A spoof of vampire-themed movies, where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys. As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas, everything comes to a head at their prom.
Imdb: 3.5
Category: Comedy
Director & Actors: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, Jenn Proske, Matt Lanter, Diedrich Bader
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Year: 2010
Description: Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010’s cult smash...
Imdb: 2.8
Category: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Director & Actors: Justin Timpane, Jay Saunders, Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi
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Year: 2005
Description: An American muay-thai fighter in Thailand must join forces with a group of vampire hunters to track down and kill a vampire lord who has kidnapped his gilfriend.
Imdb: 3.3
Category: Action, Horror, Thriller
Director & Actors: Marty Weiss, Colin Egglesfield, Stephanie Chao, Roger Yuan
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Year: 2002
Description: A vampire hunter and a priest fight a band of the walking dead in Mexico.
Imdb: 4.5
Category: Action, Horror, Thriller
Director & Actors: Tommy Lee Wallace, Jon Bon Jovi, Cristián de la Fuente, Natasha Gregson Wagner
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Year: 1998
Description: A borderline fascistic Dr. Van Helsing unwittingly hires crack smoking gang-bangers to pursue the decadent vampires who secretly control Hollywood and the United States.
Imdb: 4.4
Category: Comedy, Horror, Romance
Director & Actors: Richard Elfman, Casper Van Dien, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Rod Steiger
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Year: 1974
Description: Count Dracula journeys to a remote Chinese village in the guise of a warlord to support six vampires...
Imdb: 6.0
Category: Action, Horror
Director & Actors: Roy Ward Baker, Peter Cushing, David Chiang, Julie Ege
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